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Promote Meatball Street Brawl IV on social media.
Get your fans to show up and vote for you.
The more you post, the more support you’ll get.

No time to do this? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you by not only making the artwork, but writing the content. Just copy/paste the content below and post!

Yep, it’s that easy. You have no excuse not to do it.




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Copy options include:

  • You bring the hunger. We’ll bring the balls. Save the date for MBSB 4 today! #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4
  • Want to eat the best balls in town? Be sure to mark your calendar for MBSB4. You bring the hunger. We’ll bring the balls. Save the date for MBSB 4 today! #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4
  • Don’t miss the chance to try meatballs from all of Buffalo’s favorite restaurants. Mark your calendar today for MBSB4! #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4
  • Want to see Buffalo’s best restaurants go head-to-head for the title of Best Meatball in town? Get your ticket for MBSB4 today! #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4
  • Who makes the best meatball in town? Join for the fun and cast your vote at MBSB4! Get your ticket today. #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4
  • Big fan of meatballs? Well, this event is for you. Get your tickets for MBSB4 and get ready to eat ALL of the best balls in town. #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4
  • Are meatballs your love language? We get you. #meatballstreetbrawl #meatballstreetbrawl4

More ideas:

  • Share all MBSB posts made by Osteria 166.
  • Post pictures of fun moments from past brawls.
  • Post a picture of your team that will be in attendance at the event.
  • Post a sneak peak photo of the meatballs you will be showcasing.
  • Post a video clip discussing why you’re excited for the event.
  • Post a video clip “challenging” a fellow restaurant.